RMR Racer Account - Competitive Racer Pre-payment Policy


A running tab, known as a Racer Account, is kept by the RMR Treasurer and administration, in which all charges and payments are recorded. Please note that all camps/races need to be paid for before the trip.

•     A camp/race cost estimate (CRCE) will be provided to you at the beginning of the season.  This estimate will include camp/race entry fees, lift tickets and coaching fees.

•     Travel, lodging and food costs are in addition to the estimates and not generally run through the club.  If your athlete will require transportation and lodging with a team family, these expenses are encouraged to be calculated and paid ahead of time to the appropriate party.

•     CRCEs are due in your racer account a minimum of 10 days prior to departure for the camp/race.

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•     If your racer account has an amount due prior to a camp/race, you will not be allowed to attend the camp/race.

•     If you find you are in need of making special arrangements to pay for a camp/race, these will be granted for extenuating circumstances.  Arrangements must be made with the Treasurer a minimum of 10 days prior to the camp/race.

•     We will accept post dated cheques if arrangements have been made.

•     Our club Treasurer can be contacted at treasurer@redmountainracers.com.


A statement of your Racer Account will be e-mailed to you at regular intervals throughout the season. If a racer account is in arrears, you will be asked to provide a credit card number, which will be billed for past due and kept on file for billing going forward should the account fall into arrears again in future.  If for some reason you are unable to provide a credit card number, you are expected to pay any outstanding charges immediately.


Be aware that travel costs can quickly add up. A typical trip away for U14 can be in the $450 - $600 range while in U16 (where the races may be further away and longer), the away trip cost may be closer to $1000. While we endeavor to search for deals and do what we can to minimize these costs they are unfortunately part of the reality of ski racing.


Knowing ahead of time how many athletes will attend various races and camps significantly helps our planning process