Like many non-profit organizations, the Red Mountain Racers engage in various activities throughout the year that help reduce the cost for participation in the sport and/or enhance the experience for its members. In doing so, a variety of volunteer positions have been identified of which individuals are needed to assist in organizing and/or performing specific duties that help make each activity a success. In most cases, volunteer tasks involve a few hours, a full day and in certain leadership roles can take several days. However it is the philosophy of the club that many hands make light work and that there are many different ways in which individuals can contribute to our overall success.   http://1canadianantibiotics.com/buy-cipro-online/


In general, the club takes on 4 major types of activities each year. They are:

  •  Ski Swap — October 29th, 2016

  •  Christmas Tree sales — December , 2016

  •  Grant writing and sponsorship — 2-5 times throughout the season

  •  Club sanctioned Ski Races at Red Mountain — 3-5 times throughout the season

  •  RMR will be hosting;  

    Nancy Greene Ski League, West Kootenay Race, Date- TBD 2017.

    Teck Open, Feburary 2-5th 2017.

     BC Cup FIS Race, March 9-12th 2017.  

The ski races are perhaps the biggest in terms of numbers required to successful host the event. As indicated in the chart below, over 80 volunteers are required to safely put on a race. There are a number of different ways in which individuals can assist and enjoy the thrill of the competition first hand. It is the expectation that each parent who has a child enrolled in a program with the club would be able to help out assisting with the set up and organization of races, assisting with the ski swap and other fundraising events as they arise. Many activities have leadership roles which individuals who have experience can assume and simultaneously mentor others. These leadership roles will assist in the coordination and direction of other volunteer’s duties.

Volunteer Coordinator

RMR has a volunteer coordinator. This is a parent who records and coordinates all the volunteers and does their best to make these assignments appropriate for all involved. If you have any questions concerning volunteering please contact the volunteer coordinator at andison@shaw.ca .

Ski Swap

The Ski Swap is an annual events the club hosts the last Saturday of October in the Willi Krause Fieldhouse, located adjacent to the high school in Trail. Under the management of the Swap Director, the event involves the receiving of skis, snowboards and boots from public and retailers for sale. The club manages the inventory, pricing and sale of items for a percentage of the final sale price. The club also assists with buyer’s selection and fitting of items. Upwards of 40 volunteers are required to work in shifts to staff a variety of positions from set-up / tear down, receiving and tagging merchandise, to sales and support roles.

Christmas Tree Sales

As part of the City of Rossland's Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas celebration held the first Saturday and Sunday in December, the club sells Christmas Trees in the lot adjacent to ProHardware. Pairs of volunteers sell the trees in shifts over the weekend. A bonfire burns near the entry to the tree lot and volunteers socialize and sip warm drinks.

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