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Ski racing at Red Mountain for over 120 years

Founded in 1947, the Red Mountain Racers is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of Alpine Ski Racing from entry-level ages to Masters in all disciplines including Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, Downhill and Ski Cross. Ski racing at Red Mountain goes back before the inception of the Red Mountain Racers, to the first Canadian Championships in 1898.

Over the years, Red has punched well above its weight, sending a large number of racers to the BC and Canadian alpine ski teams and to NCAA college scholarships, and developing foundation skills to transfer to ski cross and free skiing competition. Equally as important, the coaches have developed hundreds of powder-loving children who have built solid skills and friendships for a lifetime, and brought their passion for skiing into adulthood.

We have a talented and enthusiastic group of ACA-CSC trained and certified coaches whose positive results have led to the RMR program being one of the best in Canada. The RMR has strong partnerships with Red Mountain Resort, Legacy Training Centre, Red Mountain Academy, and BC Alpine. We are a member of both the BC Alpine Ski Association and Alpine Canada, and compete under the rules of the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Recent achievements by our club members and alumni include:

  • Sage Stefani @sage_stefani 2022 Ski Cross NorAm Overall Winner and current Canadian National Ski Team Ski Cross Next Gen athlete
  • Hanna Schulze – 2018 U16 Western Ski Cross Champion
  • Soleil Patterson @soleilpatt – 2017 U19 Overall Canadian National Champion and 2016-2018 BC Ski Team member
  • Heiko Ihns @h.ihns 2016 U14 BC Overall Champion and 2019-2020 BC Ski Team Member
  • Sammie Gaul @sammiegaul – 2014 U14 BC Overall Champion and current Australian National Alpine Ski Team member

Our club members and alumni accomplishments:

  • 2 Olympic Gold Medals
  • 1 Olympic Silver Medal
  • 27 World Cup Medals
  • 2 World Cup Titles
  • 2 World Championships Medals
  • 1 World Jr. Championships Gold Medal
  • 40 Canadian Alpine Ski Team Members
  • 12 Olympians

Our club hosted:

  • 2 World Cup Events 1968 & 1988
  • 28 National Championships: 1898-2018
  • Alpine skiing during BC Winter Games 2016

and numerous NorAm Cup and FIS races We will host National Championships in 2024 and alpine skiing during 2026 BC Winter Games