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Newsletter | September 2023

In this issue…
Nancy Greene Ski League
AGM Sept 24
Equipment Audit & Organization at RED Sept 30 & Oct 1
Ski Swap Oct 28
Village Ski Hut Offer

Photos Courtesy of Marcus Hamm

Nancy Greene Ski League

Happy Fall to all our returning and future Nancy Greene families. Registration opens Saturday, September 16th @ 8am, with a cap on 80 athletes. You can register on our website, no sooner than the 16th – There will be a Parent Info Session with all the important information about how our program runs, what your child needs and what a typical day looks like. This will answer all of your burning questions and allow an opportunity to connect and chat with coaches and other families. Details coming soon.
We are looking for parents to volunteer for the NG Working Group. These members work alongside our program Lead Coach/Coordinator to create a fantastic program for our racers.  Also, we are looking for coaches! There is an Entry Level Coaching Certification Course early season plus mentoring and on-snow sessions during our 10 week season. If you are interested in either of these please reach out to Pippa or any of the current WG members.
Pippa –


Fall Dryland – all competitive athletes must be registered beforehand with our club on the website to participate (no need to pick a program until after September 15). This dryland schedule will repeat until the beginning of November.
U12 (Pippa) – Saturdays RSS 10am – 11:30am, starting on September 16th
U14-U19 (Phil):
– Wednesdays RSS 3:30 – 5pm
– Thursdays RSS 3:30 – 5pm
– Saturdays RSS 10am – 11:30am
U16/FIS (Phil) – Fridays Strength training – TBD with athletes

Parent Leads for each age group will contact you later in the fall for an informal meet & greet, this will allow you to connect with the families your child will be training & racing with and provide an opportunity for info/questions about how that age group is typically run.

Annual General Meeting September 24

Red Mountain Racers Annual General Meeting will be on Sunday, Sept 24th. Attendance for this meeting is very important, all are welcome. More details to follow two weeks before.

Equipment Audit & Organization at RED Sept 30 & Oct 1

We have an exciting season coming up with another big race here at RED. We need to organize all our netting, course setup, tools, etc. Please come out and volunteer some of your time to support this. Times – TBD

Ski Swap October 28

Save the date! This is a great opportunity to meet your volunteer commitment and get the scoop on this year’s gear. There are many positions to sign up for, no experience necessary. Sign-up details to follow soon.

Village Ski Hut Offer

Hi everyone!
It’s that time of year (If you haven’t placed orders already) to think about and order your race gear for the upcoming season.
We are happy and excited to support both Whitewater and Red Mountain teams, and have pre-booked a selection of race equipment and protection for this upcoming season. It’s been almost impossible over the past years to order gear “in-season” meaning any time after Sept.1 depending on the brand.
I have contacted all my race dealers and have created a system to try and make this process easier for parents.
Village Ski Hut
367 Baker St, Nelson BC, V1L 4H6
P. 250 352 6326
If you are interested please contact Jane – for more info. If you would like to help Jane with this ordering process please reach out!

Photos Courtesy of Marcus Hamm

Two of our FIS athletes attended a training camp this summer in Chile, Marcus Hamm and Marek Krampl. Here is a quick recap.

The Chile training camp was really good. We got some very good gs training over the 3 weeks. We had a storm come in during the second week which dumped 3 meters of snow. Overall the camp had lots of good training, very pretty sunsets and sunrises, dogs that would hangout at the top of our training course, and lots of cool people (attached is a photo of one of our team mates from the camp with Valerie Grenier).
– Marcus

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Red Mountain Racers operates at Red Mountain Ski Resort, also known as kmarkn, on the unceded territory of the Sinixt People.

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