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» Nancy Greene Ski League
» U10 Friday Training
» U12 Competitive Program
» Social Media Updates
» Key Upcoming Dates

Nancy Greene Ski League

Our Nancy Greene athletes competed in races at Salmo and Phoenix in the last 2 weeks with great results! Way to go everyone and huge thanks to the coaches and volunteers. We only have 2 weekends left before the end of our season. If you can volunteer for our U16 Westerns race going on this weekend please do, we need you!  March 11th will be our end of season celebratory RED Day. We will keep our celebrations during regular NG hours and keep it short and sweet as there is a lot going on that weekend with the RMR Gala, WhiteWater Festival on Sunday, time change and maybe a full-moon to top it all off. Keep an eye on your email for more info coming soon.

Friday U10 Training – Nancy Greene Ski League 

Yes, we have training on Fridays from 9am – 1pm for eligible U10 athletes (age 8 & 9). This is an opportunity for some of our keen athletes to get more time on snow and experience some of the “competitive programming” that Red Mountain Racers offers from U12 – FIS. It is offered for the same 10 weekends that our regular NG program runs. Athletes typically miss those 10 Fridays from school, each family arranges this to their best needs. Registration is for the Fri & Sat NGSL program, once it opens in the Fall. If this is something your athlete might be interested in for next year, please reach out to your coaches, NGSL Working Group or Pippa with any questions.

U12 Competitive Program

The Red Mountain Racers U12 Competitive Program is separate from U12 Nancy Greene and is for athletes who are developmentally ready for additional technical focus and competitive environments. Weekly training is 2 (Sat & Sun) or 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sun), excluding race/competitive days. The season is longer than our NG program and runs from Opening Day to early April including Winter Break and Spring Break. The technical model for this program is firmly based on Alpine Canada’s LTAD Pathway and BC Alpine’s best practices with participation in a limited number of competitions (5-6 days/year). U12 Zone races are two day events. If your athlete is interested in this program for next year, be sure to sign up for the “Intro to U12 Competitive Weekend” and feel free to reach out to our U12 Coaches: Pippa and Ian with any questions.

Social Media Updates

Congratulations to all of our U12/U14/U16/FIS athletes on some fantastic results over the last few weeks!

For the most current updates on what our athletes are up to follow us on: 



Key Upcoming Dates

March 2-5 – Teck U16 Western Championships – Good Luck U16’s!

March 11 – NGSL RED Day

March 11 – RMR Gala

March 12 – WH2O Festival

March 18-19 – Teck West Kootenay Zone Finals WH20

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