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» Teck U16 Western Championship March 2-5
» NG Year End Day at RED March 11
» NG Whitewater Festival RED March 12
» Kimberley Dreadnaught FIS Series March 13-17
» Quinn Treanor U16 Athlete

Teck U16 Western Championships

What an exciting week of racing! There were four days of racing: 2 days of Slalom on the Face of Red and 2 days of GS on Back Trail, alternating between the Women and Men. This took an incredible amount of work from our volunteers and ROC – Race Organizing Committee. A huge thank you shout out to our Volunteer Coordinator Andrea McCormick for organizing a fleet of volunteers. This is not an easy job, challenged by limited volunteer numbers, yet she was able to ensure our athletes and vollies were supported and Red Mountain Racers were able to uphold our reputation of putting on another fantastic race event!
photos © Lesley Chisholm Photography and @SteveHilts

NG Year End Day at RED March 11

What an amazing end to a great season! Our year-end RED day and scavenger hunt were so much fun. Coaches awards were epic this year and the Snow Stars evaluations showed the incredible improvement made by our athletes. Thank you to the Working Group, Coaches and all the volunteers who made this happen. 

Then RMR Nancy Greene athletes gave a strong representation at the WH2O Festival, great fun was had by all. Much appreciation to WH2O for always putting on a great end of season event.

Kimberley Dreadnaught FIS Series 

Seriously, is there not a cooler name for a ski race?! Phil Patterson, our Program Director and FIS coach lead 3 of our FIS athletes in this exciting event. Congratulations for all your hard work and great results: Marcus Hamm, Reuben Demmler and Marek Krampl.

Watch this awesome video of the Dreadnaught Series:

Quinn Treanor U16 Athlete

We are so happy to have Quinn continuing her recovery back here in Rossland. A huge thank you to Quinn and the Treanor family for providing the hot chocolates for our athletes at our year-end day of Nancy Greene at Red. This was a wonderful give back for all the love and support they have received from our club.

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Red Mountain Racers operates at Red Mountain Ski Resort located on Red Mountain, also known as kmarkn, on the unceded territory of the Sinixt people.

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